About US

Hyburst was founded by a Food & Beverage manufacturing insider turned ironman, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and inspirational speaker.

Following a successful consulting career in the food & beverage manufacturing industry, Ash founded hyburst to inspire a transformational movement. Hyburst is on a mission to reduce plastic waste and pollution caused by the Food & Beverage industry while supporting consumers on transforming their lives and living fit.

We are a FIT Company and develop products to inspire and serve a healthy lifestyle. Ash was inspired to create hyburst as an active endurance junky to serve a much needed product for training runs, rides, and swims that wasnt packed with sugar during his training journey of completing over 20 marathons and 7 Ironman’s including the world championship in KONA.

Ash’s inspirational journey in entrepreneurship and fitness is an example of what he describes as “LIVING EXPANSIVELY.”   Ash currently lives in California with his wife Shanda and their son Zack.