Nourishing Body and Spirit

Crafting Beverages to Energize, Inspire, and Transform Lives

Our Mission

Founded to inspire a transformational movement, our mission is to revolutionize the beverage industry by blending cutting-edge nutrition with spiritual nourishment. Hyburst is committed to excellence, leveraging insider knowledge to craft drinks that hydrate, energize, and inspire. Our aim transcends physical wellness, aiming to fuel the spirit of every individual with integrity, virtuousness, and a taste of the goodness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead a global wellness uprising,where every drink is an opportunity for empowerment, motivation, and a spark of joy. By setting unparalleled standards in quality, effectiveness, and environmental consciousness, Hyburst envisions a future where health, happiness, and holistic well-being are accessible to all. Through innovation and love, we aim to transformnot only bodies but lives and communities,spreading goodness far and wide.

Our Values


Hyburst gives your body
and your life the edge you
are looking for naturally.
Our products are backed
by science and formulated
with ingredients that help
the body naturally create
desired outcomes versus
hacked or induced. They
are healthy for customers
and for the environment.


Hyburst will have people
live determined, energized,
and perform at their best
in life. We want to help
consumers be the best
versions of themselves,
perform through all the
day-to-day challenges and
help them accomplish all
goals and targets they


Hyburst is always working
in collaboration with
experts and seeking new
trends and approaches to
naturally support the
clients’ wellness so that
they can have the edge
they want to fuel their


We are passionate
about creating
unique flavors that
bring a smile to your
face and are even as
good as cocktail
mixes without using
ingredients or


We are determined to be
the best in the category
and provide finished
products that serves our
audience to achieve their
best in health and
wellness while also
running support programs
to provide hydration and
nutrition to those in need
around the world.

Our Story

In the bustling world of beverage innovation, Hyburst has emerged as a beacon of change. Having already contributed to the success of other industry giants, Founder Ash Ghandehari sought a more fulfilling path — merging his passion for health and leadership with a desire to inspire goodness with his partner Garrett Taylor. Thus, Hyburst was born, not just as a beverage company but as a vessel of transformation. Each Hyburst product is a testament to this journey, meticulously crafted to not only hydrate and energize but to nourish the spirit. Every sip comes with an inspiring message, infusing a moment of reflection and connection, elevating the experience far beyond mere ingredients.