Orange Pineapple Blast Multi Serve- 1 Bag (25 Servings)


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Awaken your tastebuds with this refreshing palate pleasing combo of coconut, pineapple, orange, and hydration blend! Its all about calm energy to help you get your personal best.
  • Less than 1 gram of added sugar per bottle make this a one-of-a-kind refreshing and guilt-free treat.
  • Low Calories (15 Cal) - Made with Organic Fruits - NON-GMO
Get your hydration on-the-go with these handy single servings! Hyburst contains the perfect balance of electrolytes, support minerals and B Vitamins that work together to provide complete hydration, energy, and focus without stomach upset so you can feel and perform your best. Only 15 Calories, Zero Artificial Flavors, Made with Organic Ingreidents, and 100% Awesome!
  • Made with Organic Coconut Water + Real Orange + Pineapple
  • Rapidly observable B-vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes
  • Light refreshing flavor from organic fruits and organic oils as flavors
  • Less than 1 gram of added sugar used to properly deliver vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals
  • Hyburst has been voted as the best tasting Organic Based Hydration + Energy Blend that actually works
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic and Natural Oils for flavors
  • Only 15 Calories – Formulated with organic based Ingredients
  • ZERO Artificial Flavors, ZERO Artificial Sweeteners, and NO Sugar Alcohols that cause bloating and stomach issues
  • Each packet makes16 – 20 oz of daily energizer or sports drink.


Hyburst uses Organic, Cold Press & Cold Dried Juice Blends

Enjoy our unique blend of organic young coconut water with real oranges and pineapple.  All of our fruit powders are gently dried through our proprietary drying method  which doesn't heat our cold press juices, which means more real food nutrients for you.  This method is also energy efficient by 73%-88% compared to all other drying methods, because we care about mother earth.  

Complex B Vitamin Blend for Energy

All B vitamins help the body to convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which is used to produce energy. These B vitamins, often referred to as B-complex vitamins, also help the body metabolize fats and protein. B complex vitamins are necessary for a healthy liver, skin, hair, and eyes. They also help the nervous system function properly.

Niacinamide B3 - Niacinamide is a dynamic supplement to integrate into your health plan because it has such versatile benefits. But first

  • Supports optimal metabolic functioning
  • Helps to support healthy carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • May help support pancreatic function
  • Supports energy and well-being

Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate B6 - Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P) is the metabolically active coenzyme of Vitamin B6. This is the bio-available form of B6.  Meaning that it is readily available for the body vs converting in the liver.  Vitamin B6 nutritional status can have a significant and selective modulatory impact on central production of both serotonin and GABA neurotransmitters, which can positively affect emotional response, pain perception, and anxiety. Vitamin B6 has also been studied for cardiovascular uses as well.

Riboflavin B2 - In addition to producing energy for the body, riboflavin works as an antioxidant, fighting damaging particles in the body known as free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells and DNA, and may contribute to the aging process, as well as the development of a number of health conditions, such as heart disease and cancer. Antioxidants, such as riboflavin, can fight free radicals and may reduce or help prevent some of the damage they cause.

Methylcobalamin B12 - B12 For a Better You!  Vitamin B-12 promotes healthy levels of energy production and a decrease in fatigue.* Hybursts Formulas’ B-12 is only available in the methylcobalamin form (Methyl B-12) and is better absorbed and retained than other forms. Methyl B-12 helps maintain brain-health, vitality, levels of restful sleep and an enhanced mood.*

Organic Green Coffee - These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid.  Chlorogenic acid and powerful antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean Extract also help you gain energy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and boost your immune system!

Proper Electrolyte and Mineral Blend 

Sodium from Sea Salt - 360 mg 15% Daily Value

Chloride [Cl] - 336 mg (15% Daily Value)

Is essential for supporting healthy tendons and joints, but it also helps to regulate the balance of acid and alkali in the blood. Without enough chloride, you might suffer from poor muscle contractions and difficulty digesting.

Magnesium [Mg] - 48mg (7% Daily Value)

Magnesium helps convert glucose to energy. It also helps to metabolize fat. It is necessary in order for the muscles to function correctly, but it also helps the body to properly use other vitamins and minerals. Magnesium deficiency is common and low levels can impact your mood and sense of well-being. Magnesium is specially important for female athletes, since it can help alleviate signs of PMS.

Potassium [P] - 100 mg (7% Daily Value)

Potassium plays a part in how nerves transmit and muscles contract. It helps to regulate water balance in the body. In addition, keeps the blood from clotting Maintains the body’s pH balance Carries nutrients to the cells Protects the stomach lining from the damage that could be caused by stomach acids Maintains healthy blood pressure Promotes heart health Preserves bone health

Zinc [Zn] - 6.75mg (8% Daily Value)

Known to improve skin, immune function, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function, and improved athletic performance.

Chromium [Cl] - 24mg (70% Daily Value)

Chromium is a metallic element that humans require in small amounts. It is an essential part of metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar, and helps insulin transport glucose into cells, where it can be used for energy. 

Phosphate [P]

Your body uses Phosphorous in nerve signaling, heartbeat, and is needed for the growth, maintenance and repair of cells and tissues. Phosphorous helps the body to make ATP, and those of you who are really into fitness know that you can’t perform your best without plenty of ATP on hand.

Calcium [Ca] - 63mg (7% Daily Value] 

Promotes muscle stimulation and regular heartbeat. It is also extremely important for nerve transmission, muscle growth, and powerful muscle contractions. Calcium deficiency can result in muscle cramps: something that can kill your performance in the gym or on the field.



Coconut water possesses high quantities of nutrients and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese and phosphorus.


Sea Salt produced through evaporation of natural saltwater leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements. These trace minerals and elements can play a role in hydration for daily life and excercise performance.


B Vitamins are designed for rapid absorption and energize you by helping your body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose). B complex vitamins also promote healthy liver, skin, hair, and eyes.


Green coffee contains antioxidant and is a clean source of caffeine. Studies indicate the following benefits: weight loss, energy, improved mood, and cognitive performance.


Strawberries help to stimulate your metabolism and help suppress your appetite. Loaded with Vitamin C, fiber, and some calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


Lemons supports with weight loss and alkalize the body.


Q: What is the ideal amount of water to mix to one scoop/stick pack?

A: 16-19 ounces and shake until blended for best taste

Q: Why Does the product clump?

A: Due to Real fruit powder and lack of additives the product does best when blended/shaken with water. Those are real beets and coconuts!

Q: Why stevia?

A: Stevia is an organic and better way to sweeten products. It comes from the earth, is zero calories, and helps regulate blood sugar levels. We also have Monk Fruit another organic, natural sweetener.

Q: What is the shelf life?

A: We recommend using the product within 2 years of buying the product. As we pride ourselves on made fresh to order it has a two year shelf life.

Q: How can I track my oder?

A: You’ll receive an email from us once we ship it out.


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