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Four Variations of Split Squats

Four Variations of Split Squats

Four Variations of Split Squats

T oday we are going to talk about split squats and are going to show you four variations. These split squats are good for building strength in our legs, losing weight, leaning down, and feeling better with more energy.

Iso Hold Split Squat

So what we’re going to do is called a isometric hold in your split squats, so we call it iso split squats.  

So I’m going to start with my hands on my hips, feet about shoulder width apart, and I’m going to step one leg back.

You’re going to bring that back knee down to the ground about an inch away. And you’re just going to hold.

Make sure your core is nice and tight. You should be feeling this in your back leg and your front leg when you’re doing this.

Make sure to pull the belly button in and that back knee down, chest up, – straight up, not leaning back. Hold here anywhere 15 to 30 seconds, and when you’re done, you come up and you switch sides. We’ll go left leg front, right leg back.

Split Squat

The next variation is a split squat. So the same stance as you were just in.

Now, we’re going to be going up and down. Push that back knee down to the ground and bring that knee down – just about an inch away from the ground, and come back up. So that’s your second variation. I would suggest 3 sets of 12 reps.

Back Foot Elevated Split Squat

Now, if you want to make it a little bit more challenging,

you can do a split squat with your back foot elevated (put it up on a bench).

Feet are about hip width apart. Now, you’re going to pull that back knee down towards the ground, so now all that weight is in your front leg.

So when you come up, you’re going to push up through your front leg, bring it down, push…you want to make sure this knee stays here…and come back up.


Both Feet Elevated Split Squat

Now, to make it even harder, you would elevate the front foot.

Front foot elevated, and your back leg elevated. Hands on your hips, bringing your knee down, and come back up.

Keep a tight core in this position. Back knee down, and come back up.



So those are your four variations of your split squat.

Split squat hold, your iso split squat is number one, split squats number two, split squat with your back foot elevated on a bench is number three, and then split squat with your front foot elevated and your back leg, that’s variation number four.

So see where you are.

If you’re holding for iso split squats, remember, it’s 15 to 30 seconds.

If you’re doing the reps, anywhere from 8 reps to 12 reps is a really good range to leaning down your legs and trimming down.

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