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Benefits Of Hydration For Skin Health

Benefits Of Hydration For Skin Health

To say that water is very important to our day-to-day lives is simply saying the obvious truth. Staying hydrated is key for good digestion and healthy bowel movements. Water does not only help us achieve a proper digestion and nutrient distribution but also help move food waste through the intestine and ultimately out of our body. When we are well hydrated, stool becomes soft and easy to pass.
However, hydration is not limited to digestive health, it also has lots of benefits it offers our skin and helps us maintain a better skin beauty. Even though moisturizing has become a repeated term in the beauty industry, especially for people with dry skin and also helping people cope with cold climate, hydrating the skin is also another important step to having a fresh and healthy skin regardless of your skin condition or the type of climate you are living under.

Is there any difference between hydrating and moisturizing?
I actually want to clear this before I proceed into letting you know some of the benefits of hydration to your skin. I know you might already be aware that our epidermis needs a regular supply of water in order to ensure they remain plump and smooth, and that is exactly what hydrating facial products are designed to do. They contain components like glycerin, honey, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, certain vitamins, amino acids et.c to ensure the skin is kept moisturized and readily supplied with water. That is why hydrating products are often considered to be moisturizing as well but that doesn’t make hydration and moisturizing the same.
While hydration means replenishing of water or moisture to the skin, moisturizing products keep the skin pliable and soft by preventing water evaporation from the skin. Therefore, it’s important to replenish moisture to the skin first before thinking of applying moisturizer to prevent water loss. Does that mean you will need to apply two products on your skin? Not necessarily. Many moisturizers are now designed to be water-based to perform both functions.
So what benefits do keeping your skin hydrated has? Let’s look at five here:

#1: Your skin looks more lively and healthier
Dehydration does not only cause a build-up of dead skin cells, it also makes your skin dull. Therefore, to fight surface dullness, always keep your skin hydrated, especially as you grow older. This is because, at certain age, the dreadful skin condition seems to become more pronounced, thus the need for more hydration.

#2: your skin looks more plump and supple
Dehydration is, of course, not a friend to your skin, and the only way to prevent this is to have enough water content in our epidermis. If you desire a plump and supple skin – the somewhat bouncy to touch type, then the key is improving your skin hydration.

#3: You start having a less oily skin
You may not be aware that dehydration is one of the culprit aggravating oily skins. How? When the skin becomes dehydrated, a signal is sent by the skin to the glands to produce more oil in order to protect the skin. That is what usually happens when you find your skin to be oiler. So, in order to keep your skin less oily, you might need to work more on getting your skin hydrated.

#4: It helps check Acne
Although many things may be responsible for acne, oily skin is surely one of them. Most people suffering from this skin condition experience a worse condition when their skin gets oiler. But one thing they often don’t know is that many of the products they use to control their acne breakout do leave their skin dehydrated and thus cause it to produce more oil which exacerbates their acne. Having more hydration boost or diet change could help a lot in controlling acne.


#5: Your skin becomes less itchy and irritated

Itching, Irritation and general discomfort to our skin are often caused by a dehydrated skin. I’m sure you must have noticed a sort of itching after using a harsh body cleanser on your skin, especially for people with eczema or psoriasis. So you can prevent itching and irritation by improving hydration to your skin. This provides greater relief to people suffering from sensitive skin conditions.

#6: it helps you have a more adhering foundation
Excessive sebum production as a result of dehydration to the skin is often the major reason your foundation turns streaky after few hours of application. This could also be the cause of your foundation turning darker after half a day. Therefore getting your skin well hydrated could be a good solution to help you prevent the need to keep refreshing your makeup every few hours.

Final thought:
Hydrating the skin has lots of benefits embedded in it to keep your skin healthy and refreshing. If I were you, I will take full advantage of this and help myself get a better and less irritating skin.
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