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How does a 7-time Ironman athlete end up with an IV for Dehydration?

How does a 7-time Ironman athlete end up with an IV for Dehydration?

Several weeks ago, I attended an event called “Hell on the Hill”. This “Hill” is on the property of Jesse Itzler. Jesse is an entrepreneur, known for pioneering the coconut water craze with Zico Coconut Water, which he and his partners eventually sold to the Coca-Cola Company. He is also the author of “Living With A SEAL”, Jesse’s fascinating story about inviting a Navy SEAL to live with him for a month and train him. Jesse’s wife is Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.

Jesse and Sara host their “Hell on the Hill” annual event in the backyard of their home in Connecticut. “Hell on the Hill” is a test of human endurance and will. It pushes the limits physically and mentally. 100 times up the grassy sloping Sugar Hill...and 100 times down. When you're done you will have covered 8.5 miles, but the distance is NOT the issue.

It's hot. It's slippery. Footing is not easy to come by. The downhill is brutal. The incline is deceiving. The hill is boring. The hill is relentless. 80 yards……35% incline…..100 x = 8.5 miles.

As for me, I am a 7-time Ironman athlete, having finished the toughest course of all, the world championship event in Kona, Hawaii. That event includes 2.4 miles of swimming, followed by 112 miles of biking, followed by a 26-mile marathon run. Suffice it to say, I am in great shape. 8.5 miles? No problem. This “Hill” challenge would be a good warm-up for me.

That’s what I thought. And I could not have been more wrong.

When I regained consciousness, I had an IV pumping fluid into my severely dehydrated body. I had never had an IV of any kind before and I own a company that produces a product I personally developed called Hyburst, which assists in keeping your body hydrated, especially for events such as this one.

What went wrong??

I underestimated both the course and the conditions. Even though it was early morning, it was hot and humid. And the hill was incredibly steep. You could literally touch it in front of you as you made your way back up to the top. And I wasn’t properly hydrated to start. Yes, I had some water and a couple of Hyburst packets with me. But it wasn’t enough.

When I finally finished the course, I realized I was in trouble and began to drink water and Hyburst immediately. I was lightheaded and sat down. Collapsed was more like it. When I regained consciousness, the paramedics were standing over me.

It was severe enough that the paramedics were insisting I be transported to the hospital. But after a conversation with my personal physician, I convinced them it wasn’t necessary. By then the IV fluids and a glucose injection were beginning to work and I was feeling much better.

But I had underestimated everything. I couldn’t believe it. I began to think about how this might also apply to my life and my business. I’m an expert in the field of hydration and I underestimated my own hydration levels. If I can underestimate that, what else might I be underestimating?? Are there other races in my life I could improve?

So I began to turn the spotlight to shine on other areas of my life. I questioned everything. I recommitted to being consistent, both in my business as well as my personal relationships. I reevaluated my goals. Were they manageable? Realistic? Maybe smaller, “bite-size” goals would make more sense.


I would invite you to look at your life as well. What is that race in your life? What is standing between you and your dreams? Reassessing everything periodically is a good habit. I should have reassessed my situation at the Hill and prepared appropriately. You need to be consistent and committed in all things if you want to reach your goals.

And hydration does play a part in all of this. Being properly hydrated not only increases your energy but also helps you to think clearly and maintain your focus, no matter what you are pursuing. Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or performing physical labor, your body requires hydration in order for you to operate at your best.

I invite you to jump on a 7 day Hyburst challenge. If you are addicted to sugar, THIS is the way to kick that problem to the curb! Hyburst uses a specific ratio of potassium, sodium, and minerals to support cells in absorbing water and other key nutrients, hydrating you 2-3x faster and more efficiently than water alone.

Hyburst uses only organic sweeteners and I’ll be the first to admit, some people have said it takes a little getting used to but that it was totally worth it! No more sugar addiction!

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