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Increase Run Speed & Strengthen Your Legs & Booty

Increase Run Speed & Strengthen Your Legs & Booty

Today, we’re talking about plyometrics. Now plyometrics are the cornerstones to any athletic program. From the 100 meters all the way up to the marathon and even obstacle course racing, everyone can benefit from plyometrics.

Plyometrics are short, explosive exercises that help improve your speed. So what we’re going to go over today is a basic routine on starting plyometric exercises. We’re going to go over a few of the exercises that I do typically.

We always start out with a stride, maybe about 50 meters just to warm the body up, and we always cool down with a stride with about 50 meters.

50m Warm Up

So, first, warm up with a 50-meter stride. What you want to focus on is steadily increasing her pace towards the end of the 50 meters.

Knee Highs

In this plyometric, we’re talking about Knee Highs. Now, when performing the Knee High, you want to make sure that your knee is being driven up and you’re reacting off the ground as quickly as possible while also driving the arms.


Our next plyometric is Bounding. The focus here is pushing off the ground to try and create as much hang time as possible while landing softly.

Butt Kicks

The next exercise we are going to talk about is the Butt Kicks. Now, when performing the Butt Kick, you need to concentrate on getting your foot down. You want to hit your butt and go down as quickly as possible, creating a fast ground reaction.


Frog Jumps

Our next plyometric is Frog Jumps. It’s bounding, but with two legs. What you want to do is focus on driving your legs forward and trying to kick your butt to cover more distance.


Our next plyometric is Karaokes. The major focus is focusing on the leg driving over to cover as much distance as possible.


Rhythm Skips

Our next plyometric is Rhythm Skips. The major focus is that it is a grammar school skip, focusing on covering as much distance as possible by driving the knee forward and pumping the arms.

Power Skips

Our next plyometric is Power Skips. These are similar to Rhythm Skips, however this time we want to drive the knee up because we’re trying to get as high as possible, each step driving up.


20m Cool Down Stride

And at the end of the workout, you always want to finish with a build stride.

Create Massive Results For Your Runs

So when you want to implement plyometrics into your program, what you want to do is start small. Start by doing 20 meters and only doing it, maybe, once a week. And then, as you get better at those exercises that you start out your program with, you can add exercises or you can start to extend the exercises maybe 10 meters. You shouldn’t really go over 35 meters because these are explosive exercises. They’re meant to increase your speed. So trying to go beyond that is not going to benefit you!

So keep it short, keep it sweet, and keep it good.

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