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Hydration And Nutrition Tips For All Runners

It wasn’t that long ago runners relied on water and possibly flat cola as their main carbohydrate supplement during longer races, such as half marathons and marathons. Fortunately, sports nutrition has improved to the point that we now have many products to choose from, each designed to speed glycogen to your working muscles.

Energy gels and chews: Should you use them or not? These are packets of gel you can add to your water to help you rehydrate. So, should you carry them? Should you use them?

The answer is, it depends on you. It depends on where you are in terms of your training, where you are in terms of the distance you’re going, where you are in the race, what kinds of races you’re running and what distances you’re going. With a 90 minute, or even a 2 hour race, run or workout training, and if you’re going at it hard, you really don’t need a lot of calories. You don’t need to take in hundreds of calories.

Unfortunately the manufacturing of these products is based on marketing and not what really works and will support you. Some of the chews contain 90 to 120 calories, about 30 grams of sugar. Instead you need to be properly hydrated, meaning you have the right levels of salt, potassium and magnesium.

Hyburst is a product that will give you the proper level of electrolytes and B vitamins so you’re energized during your run as well as at the beginning of your run. Start by being hydrated, hydrate as you’re going through your event and then afterwards you can take in a good amount of protein, some carbohydrates and some vegetables.

Now, if you are going for 3, 4, 5 hours of more, you can maybe take on some gels. But a better option is to make your own product, like some rice balls made with dates and organic rice. Take along a banana or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Eating real food and proper hydration is key.

For example, with Hyburst, take one or two Hyburst on a two hour run. This will give you the proper electrolytes and the amount of water you need to really hydrate your cells. The electrolytes prepare your cells  to absorb the water and they're bio-available ingredients that get you prepped up and ready to go. And Hyburst is not packed with sugars that will ultimately cause you to crash.

So whether you’re training hard for 90 minutes or running an Ironman marathon, make sure you stay properly hydrated and nourished by using Hyburst and whole food nutrition to keep you going!

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