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Simple Hydration Tips that Can Massively Impact Your Workout.

Simple Hydration Tips that Can Massively Impact Your Workout.

4 Need to Know Tips for Hydration

A few years ago, I raced a triathlon in the Philippines and encountered conditions so hot and humid the locals had aptly nicknamed a portion of the run course “the rice cooker”.  

As I ran through the rice paddies, I could feel the steam rising from the pavement.  

A few miles from the finish, my mouth was dry and cottony, my pace slowed, and my legs stopped paying attention to what I was telling them to do . . . I was starting to overcook.

As anyone who has ever had to clean the bottom of a burnt pot of rice can attest, bad things happen when fluids run out! It was painful, particularly when I got passed by a competitor in the final miles of the race, knocking me out of podium contention.

I finished the race, but it wasn't pretty.

Undoubtedly, my race was impacted by imperfect hydration.

According to Brett Singer, RD LD, at Hermann Memorial Ironman Sports Institute, even small deviations in hydration levels—as little as a 2-3% reduction in weight due to water loss—can have deleterious effects.  

One recent study indicated a 5-8 beat increase in heart rate per minute for every 1% in body weight lost to dehydration.  

As any athlete can tell you, that’s a lot!

And, while dehydration is magnified by exercise in hot conditions, you don't have to be sweating it out in a tropical triathlon to experience the negative effects of chronic dehydration--symptoms like headaches, low energy, kidney stones, weight gain, and poor skin elasticity can be caused by even low levels of chronic dehydration.  

Who wants that?!

So, what can you do to stay topped off and well hydrated?

 Keep your friends close, your water bottle closer.

Carrying a water bottle is perhaps the best way to make sure you are getting the volume of fluids you need.

Personally, I drink about twice as many fluids when I carry a water bottle while I'm out and about, then when I don't.

Plus, it allows for small sips throughout the day versus the stomach ache inducing chugging that tends to happen when I leave my bottle at home and unintentionally ignore my thirst for too long.

Just make sure your drinking vessel is on fleek.

Check out this Hyburst BPA free one. It's stylish, durable, and keeps your drink cool. How sweet is that?

Check the bowl.

The toilet bowl, that is. It may sounds a little gross, but anything in the name of health, right?

Urine color is a tried but true indication of hydration status.  

Pale yellow means you’re mellow. Anything darker? Find your bottle, ASAP!

Repeat after me. WATERmelon

Watermelon, like most fruits and cruciferous veggies have high water content and provide excellent supplemental hydration.

Because they are usually also high in fiber, I recommend minimizing consumption 24 hours out if you have a race on the horizon.

But, otherwise, load up! Nature does a great job of providing hydrating goodness.

That's why every ingredient in Hyburst also comes from an organic natural source--like young coconuts, real pineapple and oranges.

Use the RIGHT stuff

Water, while a necessary component isn't enough to keep you functioning optimally because it lacks electrolytes--minerals like Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium that your body needs to carry out muscular contractions.

In other words, you need electrolytes to do ummm, pretty much everything.  

And, while the majority of the sports drinks on the market DO have electrolytes, they ALSO have way too much sugar and sometimes even artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols that can wreak havoc on your stomach.  

Ain't nobody got time for that!  

Remember that race in the Philippines I told you about?

It wasn't that I didn't have access to enough fluids--there was water and sports drink at every aid station on the course. The problem was it wasn't working for me.  

Shortly after the start of the race, the super sugary sports drink turned my stomach South, so I switched to water. Which worked...for awhile.

But, late in the race, I started getting a sloshy feeling in my stomach--you know the one I mean?--because the water actually wasn't absorbing.

Hyburst accounts for all of that because it is a low sugar source of electrolytes that leaves you hydrated, and because it's such low sugar, is easy on your stomach--even while running.

This weekend I head off to another race in the middle of the Anza Borrego desert. It's an 81 mile ultra run, and temperatures are expected to top 105 degrees.  

I'm packing hyburst to go (those cute individual packets) in orange pineapple and strawberry lemonade! It's going to be a tough one, but this time, hydration won't be the limiting factor. Be sure to snag yours below.

Wish me luck!

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